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Current development status

On September 29, 2017, Posted by , In Development, With No Comments

Hey there!

This post should inform you guys about our current development status.

After we send out our last statement, we had some major problems with the game engine.
Most of these complications are solved now, but it took quite a long time to find the needed solutions.
Due to the problems we weren’t able to follow our old schedule.

Current status:
Android-App: Nearly all work is done; connection to AimLess api is still missing
Cheat-Launcher: Some UI changes must be made
Fontend pages: Done
Backend pages: Done
Payment system: Done

As soon as we are ready to release the cheat we will wipe the current users database.
After the release took place we will give away 20 ‘AimLess 3 Month’ subscriptions to the first 20 users.
(Further information later)


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